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        Residential-Bypass Shower Doors

        If you are re-modeling, re-designing, or building a bathroom, the most important feature will almost certainly be the shower or bath. In addition to our frameless shower enclosures, which swing open, we also offer by-pass shower doors, which are hung on a track from the ceiling and open from side-to-side when you get in to or out of the bathtub.

        Chrome Bypass Shower DoorsAn economical and elegant solution to any bathroom design, by-pass shower doors are easy to clean and give any bathroom an instantly beautiful look. The doors are made of glass, allowing the light to shine through and brighten your shower area, as well as making it look larger and more spacious. They can also help to keep your bathroom dry, as there is not any space between your shower or tub and a curtain.

        We offer several glass options for your by-pass doors, from the standard and classic clear glass to multiple types of patterned glass that can provide privacy, as well as a unique and modern look. We also have several styles of by-pass doors for your shower to choose from, so the customization options are practically endless. If you have a smaller bathroom with limited space and prefer a shower door that slides from side-to-side rather than swinging open, then the by-pass shower door is a perfect choice for you. They can add space to your room, as well as truly let the light in.

        Our by-pass doors for the shower come in several types of glass, from 1/8 to 5/16-inch thickness. We can help you choose the right style, glass, and finish for your shower doors, and our professional glass specialists will install them for you quickly, at a price that you can afford!