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        Residential-Glass Tabletops


        A glass tabletop can add instant elegance and a modern look to any room, whether its for your home or your office. A glass top on a dining room table is easy to clean and can make your space look classic and beautiful. In an office setting, a glass table top on a conference room table can display taste and make a great impression on those you are doing business with, as well as adding accent to any type or size of room.

        At jijing Mirror Products Co.,Ltd, we have many options for glass tabletops. If you’re looking for a custom fit, we can make any size or shape of tabletop to your exact specifications. We offer many types of glass, from the standard and classic clear glass to multiple types of patterned glass, which can add a touch of uniqueness to any ordinary table.

        Acid Etched Glass TabletopOur glass tabletops are available in a range of thickness’s from 1/4 to 3/4 inch glass, depending on your preference. If you’re looking to protect a wood table, a glass tabletop is the ideal way to do so. Our tabletops are extremely easy to clean and provide a beautiful luster and shine to your table.

        Jining can help you customize any type of glass tabletop, and with our great prices and professional glass specialists, you will know that you are getting the quality you expect at a price that you can afford.