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        • Product name: Copper Free Mirror Sheet
        • Product number: JNCFM-03
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        Being different from other normal silver mirror and aluminum mirror,JINING copper free mirror is a most modern mirror without copper and lead, these mirrors are environment friendly and less waste is produced during their production,which makes them more and more popular at home and aboard nowadays.
        1. Popular Thickness: 3-6mm
        2. Standard Sheet Sizes: 1830×2440mm,2140×3300mm,2250×3300mm2140×3660mm,2440×3300mm,2440×3660mm,etc.
        3.Typical Futures:
        1)Copper and lead free, environmental friendly 
        2)High reflection and imaging perfect
        3)Double paints for protection
        4)Perfect resistance of corrosion, longer life time
        1.Very useful for coastal areas with high humidity.
        2.Widely used for house and hotel interior decoration,like bathroom,kitchen,bedroom,living room,hallway
        3.Decorative walls,wardrobe doors,windows,display cases,surfaces and tables,furniture,etc.