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        Coatings or tints are applied to make the mirror look as if it has deteriorated with age.
        antique mirrors is a unique mirror, with several different designs and reproduction antique mirrors is made of clear float glass and tinted float glass. There are certain features to look for that will determine the value of an reproduction antique mirrors. First, having the original glass is a big plus. Indeed, there are mirrors this old that still have their original glass. The next feature is the condition of the frame. Examine it closely. You will be able to see if it has been patched. And the original gilt should be still there, but it does not have to be perfect. There should be some nicks and scratches.

        1. Environmentally friendly
        2. Increase the feeling of old and elegance
        4. Optical quality and durability
        5. Easy processing and installation
        6. Products is unique disigned with beautiful patterns.
        7. 23 kinds of different patterns.

        1) Decorative furniture
        2) Home/ Bathroom,
        3) Bedroom,
        4) Hotel/ Restaurant,
        5) Shop,
        6) Gallery / Office, 

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