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        Our Aluminum mirror is manufactured using a state of the art process called Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering technology. This new fully automated process replaces the older vacuum sealed chambers. The new process enhances the internal properties and brings the quality to a level that is extremely close to silver mirror products, except at a more competitive price than silver mirror. We further improve the quality by using double coated Fenzi paint that is dried using infrared technology.

        1)Many colors available: Pink, Golden, Violet, Euro grey, blue grey, Ford blue, French Green, Green, ocean blue, dark blue, ultra white, white, black ect.
        2)Double/single coated
        3)choose mirror grade clear float glass
        4) Moderate heat treatment strength
        5)Good welding performance
        6)Gorgeous luster after anodized processing
        The aluminum sheet is widely applied to the extruded profiles for architecture, irrigation pipe, for the vehicle, bench, furniture, lifts, fence, etc. with the tubes, rods, profiles.
        1) Further making utensil.
        2)Solar reflective film
        3)The appearance of the building
        4)Interior decorating: ceilings, walls, etc.
        5)Furniture cabinets
        6)Elevator decoration
        7)Decorated inside and outside the car
        8)Household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.

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